About Us

How we see it...

Being realistic, scratchers and untrained tattooists have gone too far; being able to purchase cheap inadequate equipment has become far too easy and widespread and it's causing some serious health issues let alone below par tattoos.

We are facing a losing battle to stop these artists practicing and we feel that the best way to try and lower the numbers of people visiting these so called artists, is to educate the public. Just because these so called tattoo artists have the equipment it doesn't mean they are capable and we want to steer the public in the right direction before it's too late. A cheap tattoo is not a good idea!

People shouldn't have to look around to find a good tattooist so we have developed a website and mobile app, where only the most capable tattooists can showcase their work. By working together we can educate people on what a good tattoo is and how to find a reputable tattoo artist.

At TWW the featured studios have all been through a vetting process run by tattooists. There will only be the best studios/tattooists featured in a certain area, helping people to realise where they should be going for their tattoo...

TWW because Everyone deserves a good tattoo!